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Children’s Dentistry

W our cabinet, we give a special attention to the younger patients. A proffessional dental care is important during the first years of patient’s life.

Effecive decay prevention of children is going to keep them away from stress and pain, and also save them from complicated, expensive treatment in adult life. Thanks to friendly and stress-free atmosphere in our cabinets, we give the young patients a possitive attitude to dental care. This mixed with our professional equipment and materials (e.g. painless computer treatment, inhale sedation, colorfull fillings) guarantee that treatment will not be traumatic for young patients.

First visitat at the dentist should take place when the child is one year old. Before all the milk-teeth show, we should make sure if there is no deacy or other problems in the oral cavity area. As we know, the earlier we found out about any abnormalities, the quicker we can react and by making a diagnosis and starting the treatment. Our stomatologists will answet your questions and explain how to take care of child’s teeth.

There is also a possibility of attending adaptation visits in our cabinets. They will help with preaparing the child to start of the treatment. This type of visits make children come to know the staff and cabinet. Basics of oral cavity hyiene are taught during playing with children so the dental cabinet is associated with fun. After the meeting gets the bravery award which is a motivation for next meetings.

Sometimes it is too late for prevention and treatment. In this case our cabinet is prepared to take care of a child with full pain elimination. If the tooth loss are not too big there is a possibility of ozone thereapy – treatment without boreholes. It’s a simple and effective method that let us care of teeth, which had losses diagnosed early. In more complicated situation we use a computer anaesthesia system which tip doesn’t even look similar to an injection. The next element prepared specially for chilldren are colorful fllings. A child can choose the color of the filling and doesn’t focus on the treatment.

There is an popular opinion that there’s no need to takce care of the milk-teeth because earlier or later whey will come out. Because of it children are dont feel the need of teeth care. In our cabinet small tooth losses can be fixed with ozon theraphy, bigger problems can be solved with anaesthetics and filled with special materials for mil-teeth. There is also a possibility of endodontic reatment. In extreme cases, damaged tooth is removed, but it is possible to use the second teeth space keeper which minimizes the risk of appearing occlusion disorders.

Second teeth show up at about 6 years of age. It is good to protect the bite surface with proper substances with high concentration level of fluorine (sealing) Moreover second teeth may be addictionally protected with fluorine varnish. If endodotic treatment is needed, we use special filling with bioregenerative substance, which is hepfull during the growing process tooth root.

In our cabinet we undertake treatments of varnishing, sealing and cauterization both in case of milk and second teeh. Varnishing is a process of putting transparent fluorine liquid. Varnisch peels after 48 hours, the fluirine contained inside of it comes inside the teeth making the glaze stronger and minimizing the risk of decay. The sealing process takes place in case of teeth which has just showed up. The purpose of it is to fill the unreagularities and crevices with the photohardening resin or bioactive cements. The filling emites additional fluorine to make the glaze more durable. The sealing process is dedicated for healthy teeth. The cauterization treatment is for milk teeth, which got attacked by decay, wthout possibility of using classing filling. This method stops decay expansion by filling the tooth tissueas with antibacterial substance.