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Dental care of pregnant women

Pregnant women are more axposed to gums inflammation and decay. It’s not because the demineralization or decalcification of teeth as some people say. The main reason of this situation are hormonal changes taking place in woman’s body. They change the pH of saliva and its viscosity which causes increase of dental plaque and tartar. Moreover, future mothers eat more often and sometimes they have morning vomiting attacks. All these symptoms make the amount of the oral cavity germs higher. It is the reason of gums inflammination and decay. This type of infections may impact mother’s and also child’s health.

Recent science studies show the connection between woman’s gums illnesses and premature birth of child with underweight. Tooth losses and oral cavity infections may be dangerous for the child, because toxines produced by bacteria and becteria itself can possibly get through the blood to womb of mother and be the reason of complications – focal infections. That’s why it is recomended to visit the stomatologist and fix all the problems in the area of oral cavity before pregnancy.

Pregnancy gums inflammination is often a problem of future moms. It is activated by cumulating dental plaque which irritates the gums. The effect of it is red and bleeding gums even during soft teeth brushing. Because of higher level of hormones, the gums are more sensitive for irritating factors of teeth plaque. Proper hygiene of oral cavity in pregnancy time helps with reducing or making the gums inflammination impossible.

Regular visits at the dentist’s during pregnancy (at least once a trimester). Informin the stomatologist about the pregnancy is necessary. Regular visits will make it possible to avoid problems with gums inflammination and teeth. There are no contraindications to undertake the dental treatment or even teeth extraction in pregnancy time. Also using a local anaesthetics is not dangerous for proper pregnancy course and the fetus.

The optimal time of dental treatment for pregnant women is the second trymester. In the first period of pregnancy, the X-ray tests, painkillers and antibiotics are not recomended. Sitting on a dentist’s armchair may be also uncomfortable in last two months of pergnancy.