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Modern implantologic treatment is safe and effective. Thanks to this type of treatment we can rebuild teeth without damaging neighbouring teeth. Implantation treatment is fully painless and undertaken with local anaesthetic or sedoanalgesia.

Using a tooth implant is the best method of rebuilding the teeth. Implant is a substitute of natural tooth root. Thanks to this the implant can fill the empty space which gives an esthetic replica of lost tooth, and also lets us come back to natural way of eating. In addition to this, the titanum root of the implant stops the process of bone astrophy which can appeat after taking the tooth off.

The implant is made of three elements. Titanum screw placed in the jaw bone, titanum or ceramic link and the crown.

Using implants, which are bioneutral, doesn’t cause any allergies. Titanum doesn’t interact with the magnetic field. A special porous cover of the implant’s screw makes the bone connecting process faster.