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Oral hygiene

Properly and regurally undertaken hygiene operations let us keep proper health state in oral cavity. Hygiene-prevention programs should be adjusted individually with consideration of patient’s the age and health.

Nowadays there are lots of available toothpaste and liquid mouthwash types. Choosing them, we should pay special attention about individual needs of the patient. It is not recomended to use medical paste and mouthwash all the time, because of many side effects.

Ważnym aspektem jest likwidacja płytki nazębnej. Jest ona bowiem siedliskiem bakterii odpowiedzialnych za próchnicę zębów. Zabezpieczenie zdrowych zębów specjalnymi preparatami ochronnymi (tzw. lakowanie i lakierowanie zębów) pomaga w utrzymaniu zdrowego uzębienia.

Children’s oral cavity hygiene until milk-to-second teeth replacement should be directed to keep the structure of teeth hard tissues correct. Proper diet and fluoridation prophylaxis should take place from the birth of a child and during teeth apperarance. It’s very important to remove the tooth plaque, which is a shelter for bacteria responsible for the decay. Children’s teeth should be protected by special protection products (sealing, varnishing) to help keeping the teeth healthy.