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Resection is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the tooth root with chronic periapical changes. It is performed under local anesthesia miejscowym.Ogromną advantage of this procedure is the ability to cure the tooth without having to remove it.

The treatment of the tooth chisel (usually a wisdom tooth) carry out under local anesthesia and if indicated – in the cover of antibiotics. It involves the incision of the mucous membrane stopped or partially stopped tooth, detachment of the mucosa of the airfoil.Then, using a special cutter is removed bone covering the tooth plate. After tooth extraction wound is stitched. The procedure usually takes 20-60 minutes. The sutures are removed after seven days. This procedure is performed when teeth are badly damaged by decay or the tooth can not erupt properly and take the correct settings in the dental arch.

Lift sinus a complicated surgical procedure performed in the case where the intended implant site or several implants is too thin bone layer, and must be supplemented bone substitute material.

The reconstruction of the alveolar ridge height is a surgical procedure involving the reconstruction of alveolar bone after tooth extraction using a suitable preparation bone creative. It aims to restore the original shape of the bone for further treatment and prosthetic implant.

Plastic surgery of gums otherwise known as plasticity white and red is done in order to improve the overall appearance of the teeth and well-being of the patient. As a result, treatment can improve visual color, shape and contour of the gums. Treatment time depends on the individual case, the procedure is performed after the administration of anesthesia. The gum surgery are among other treatments, such as the elimination of gingival smile, coverage of gingival recession or Gingivectomy (lost gums’ weight).