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Teeth whitening

In teeth whitening process we use the newest accelerator by American brand BEYOND. Thanks to this devide we can make all the teeth white quickly, effectively and above all safely. Using a dihydrogen dioxide gel we can get an actractive and healthy smile.

Whitening is about making the color of the teeth more bright and removing the discoloriations from all or chosen teeth. Nowodays this is a safe method that doesn’t cause any teeth damage.

Teeth turn darker because of eating food with pigments, drinking coffe or tea or for example smoking cigarettes. Surface discolorations on the glaze can be removed by regular teeth brushing. Deeper discolorations are more difficult to get rid of.

Whiteninig using the Beyond devide happens by putting the whitening gel on the teeth and activating it with the accelerator’s light. Whitening is an one-period treatment. The gel’s structure is based on dihydrogen dioxide. It’s purpose is to enlarge the result of whitenin and reducing the hypersensitivity of teeth. Under the influence of the light, the gel is getting faster inside the tooth glaze. The high-frequency light makes the compounds of dihydrogen dioxide atomize, which is the reason why the pigments inside the tooth structure get oxidized. As the effect of this process the teeth get whitened. Treatment lasts about 45minutes.

Reasons to whiten teeth are: esthetic considerations, removing discolorations apearing with age for example caused by using antibiotics such as tetracyclines, fructose influence, whitening dead, dark or discolored teeth, removing discolorations caused by natural, system, metabolic or pharmacological factors, damages, hemolitic illnesses of newborns, jaundice or porphyria.

People who have damaged teeth, a lot of tooth fillings, dental crowns, bridges or facings of front teeth, bad hygiene of oral cavity with inflammation of gums, alergy or hypersensitivity to oxidation and other suplements of whitening gel, pregnant or breast feeding women and people under 16 yeras of age.

Innovative character of treatment run with the Beyond device is based on full safety, teeth after the whitening process don’t absorb the pigments as it happens in case of treatment with other devides. Because of it, the effect is visible for about 2-3 years.

Only the natural teeth can be whitened. All kinds of dental fillings, crowns and brigdes are not whitened. After a perido of 5 to 7 days, after whitening stabilisation, there is a possibility of changing old fillings and other prosthetic elements and getting adjusting them to the new color. Sometimes people after the whitening treatment can see that the teeth color is not even or there are visible white areas. It is a result of dehydration, which passes after a few hours after the treatment. It is recomended to dring a lot of mineral water during this period.

The level of whiteninig depends on following factors: mineral structure of the glaze, viscosity and chemical structure of saliva, kind of diet, smoking and hygiene habits.

During the whitening process there may be a temporary hypersensitivity of teeth. It is a natural reaction of healthy teeth. If the hypersensitivity doesn’t pass, there is a possibility of applying teeth fluoridation process, which may make the hypersensitivity time shorter.

The effect of teeth whitening may be prolonged. During first two days it is recomended to have a „white diet”. White diet is about eating food and drinking liquids only without strong pigments. e.g. Coffe, tea, red wine, dark colored juices and drinks. After this we have to apply treatment and preparations recomended by the dentist and abandon smoking cigarettes. In addition we should also do control examinations each 6 months.