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Conservative dianosis and treatment

  • genetic test to detect HPV viruses (HRHPV) – cervis swab is taken simultaneously with cytological examination
  • cytology – cervix swab – results available after a few days,
  • colposcopy – cervix evaluation in optional zoom, with the collection of tissue fragments for histopathological examination
  • painless treatment of erosions, condylomas, warts, cysts – visual track allowing the patient to view her own cervix on the monitor screen,
  • diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence – see treatment of urinary incontinence,
  • diagnostics (tests detecting bacterial, fungal and viral infections) and treatment of inflammation of the reproductive organ,
  • diagnostics and treatment of inflammation of the urinary system,
  • treatment of vulvodynia (vulvar pain syndrome),
  • contraception – advice and selection of effective methods,
  • infertility diagnosis and treatment
  • diagnosis and treatment of ginecological endocrinology, menstrual disorders, pre-menopause period and menopause disorders, osteoporosis, acne, excessive hair,
  • physician’s permission is needed in case of recomendations.
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