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Stomatologic X-ray

Our Laboratory offers a full range of radiological examinations and imaging of the oral cavity and paranasal sinuses. The offer includes:

  • X-ray pantomographic teeth and maxillary sinuses,
  • X-ray point of single tooth,
    • Cefalometric X-ray,
  • Tomography scans – tomography of the tooth cone and sinusitis.

What does this mean for the Patient?
Tomography is an extremely wide use in implant treatment and precise planning surgical. Obtain a picture of the three planes (3D) allows the physician to make precise measurements of the amount of bone in a place such as the planned implantation. With special software, it is possible to perform real time measurements and selecting the appropriate implant size. In this way, the treatment is completely safe, since there is no fear of damage to vital anatomical structures (e.g., alveolar nerve) during insertion of the implant.
Tomography allows, inter alia, specify the scope of lesions in the mouth and tooth root anomalies. With such a diagnosis can be computed very detailed schedule surgery to remove the tooth incorrectly located or delete some of the lesion. CT is reliable also for difficult root canal treatment. In this way, the procedure is less invasive treatment, and the patient is a huge advantage.

Results of the examinations are provided in electronical forms: CD, USB. Files are saved in formats which allow you to open them using any computer.

With radiological studies of children use them special programs with reduced radiation dose.