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American-German anaesthetic Ubistesin (artikaine) by 3MESPE is the newest product used for local anaesthetics in stomatology. It is very different to classic anaesthetics as lignocaine, mepiwacaine or bupiwacaine which are used now in stomatology cabinets.

The biggest adventages of Ubistesin are the best effectiveness, the highest level of safetyand quickness. Ubistesin does not contain any preservatives.

Because of its unique chemical structure Ubistesin is the most efficent and the safest in toxicity aspect. This is why it is dedicated for children, pregnant women, breast feeding women and older people with cardiological illnesses. The chemical structure of the anaesthetic makes it metabolizable both for blood and liver which makes the orgainsm clearing time shorter. Because of this, even a breast feeding woman after 2 hours can feed the child. After using lignocaine or mepiwacaine this time is 9 to 12 hours.

The level of purity of Ubistesin and lack of any additional chemical substances makes the period of validity longer. It also makes the anaesthetic safer, because the risk of allergical reactions is lower.