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Computer anesthia

Anaesthesias provided by devices controlled by computers are getting more popular. (Computer Controled Local Anesthesia Delivery systems). In addition to high efficacy, this type of anaesthesias have a high level of patient’s acceptance.

The benefits of this method are: automatic computer control of anaesthesia delivery, which provides safety, effectiveness and sureness of the procedure, dynamic pressure measuring that controls the pressure and amound of anaesthesia i real time and also quickness – thanks to it the treatment can be started right after the anaesthesia delivery without feeling numb lips or tongue.

This type of devices let us use any type of local anaesthetic. They have automatic safety and anaesthesia delivery control systems. The newest equipment of this type has also injection pressure sensors which let us to deliver the anaesthesia liquid under the human’s pain tolerance threshold. Thanks to these systems, both putting the needle inside the skin and anaesthetic delivery go without pain.