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Dental implants are used to restore lost teeth. This is the newest branch of dental services. It allows you to supplement the missing tooth or teeth permanently without the need for grinding the adjacent teeth. Thanks to use of implants is raised also comfort in the use of movable restorations (prostheses). Dental implants are manufactured in various shapes and sizes so you can adjust them so that it was not noticeable decline comfort when using them.

Dental implants are the best option for people who want to enjoy the attractive appearance and a sense of certainty. It is the most durable and most effective solution for rectifying the defects. In addition, such a solution is able to inhibit bone loss, that often occurs after the loss of the natural tooth root. The use of implants is the perfect solution for people for whom an important aspect is good diction. Prosthesis interferes with normal articulation and in addition may cause fear of her falling out. When using permanent dental implants such problems do not occur. There is also no need for special denture adhesives. Most of the that solutions are using active by people whose apparition is very important.

Although permanent implants is associated with considerable costs is an investment for years. However, not everyone can afford such a way that the reconstruction of the dentition. The main contraindications to the use of this type of treatment are diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer or certain problems associated with blood clotting.