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Seduction inhaled

Inhaled sedation – sedation with nitric oxide known also as the laughing gas is not a popular method on Polish stomatology cabinets, beceuse of a lack in tutelage in this aspect at higher education and a lack of postgraduate courses. There is no equipment and there are problems with medical gas provision. The sanitary-epidemiological prerequisites for somatology cabinets using medical gases are also extremely strict.

The adventages of inhaled sedation are: high eficacy and safety, immediate effect, pleasure of dreaming and a lack in memory of the treatment. It all makes it a perfect method of sedation for children and aduld people who feel fear of stomatological treatment and pain.

Using nitric oxide is very popular in western Europe and United States. It helps to control the fear and stress related agitation caused by stomatological treatment. Only 10% of people show weak reaction to laughing gas.

Nitric oxide causes analgestic, hallucinatory effects, it reduces the fear and makes the patients forget the treatment. This method is recomended in case of strong anxiety states related with stomatological treatment, fear of injections, stress overactivity, long surgeries or emesis reactions.

During the beginning of sedation process patients may feel tingling of tongue, cheeks, head, chest, back and fingers. The patient gets relaxed, the fear and pain feeling level is visibly lower. Patient may also feel weakening of sight, hearing and touch sense but the verbal contact is still possible. The client can answer questions and follow instructions given by the dentist.

In a lot of cases, people have halucinations similar to dreams. People feel floating or flying, patients often don’t remember the treatment, they remember only a part of the dreams.

After end of the treatment, the sedation state is stopped fast and easily. The patient is given a pure oxygen, the full consciousness comes back after about 20 seconds.