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Treatment without pain

At the patient’s request all procedures are performed under local anesthesia.

NEW – does not require any anesthesia – now dental treatment can be carried out without drilling. Developing loss takes place not drill, but sandblasting abrasive. The application of ozone device OZONE HEAL so prepared tooth to eliminate more than 99.9% of bacteria that cause caries.

The therapy involves the use of controlled-oxidative action of ozone, which eliminates the bacteria causing dental caries. The principle is very simple: the device takes oxygen from the air and turns it into ozone, which is then fed to the affected tooth sleeve. The tooth is surrounded by a special silicone cap that provides complete isolation. The whole process is carried out without the stress and pain. The results are impressive: 99% of the bacteria that cause tooth decay are eliminated after 10 seconds administered to a ozone and 99.9% after 20 seconds.You can purchase for home use special preparations causing remineralization of enamel. In most of the time decay of roots and fissures remineralisation and hardening occurs within 4-12 weeks. (more information at